Tuesday, November 02, 2010

CX Pool Weekend Roundup

Four races, four different winners: Jonah, Olli, Josh, and Brad. In the overall race, Gary momentarily conceded his lead to Jonah. He took it back yesterday though. And now Olli's moved ahead of Jonah into second place. Those three are only separated by 115 points. It's shaping up to be an intense three-way race. At the other end of the standings, it looks like we have a duel between Ian and Hal. Ian had been holding onto the lanterne rouge for the better part of a month. But Halberto has it now.

Full results and standings here.

Those two races in Belgium were classics. Yesterday's Koppenbergcross was raced in conditions that made our race on Saturday look positively arid. Good to see Stybar actually has a weakness. Check out the video of the last lap:

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