Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TNR Report

Shorts in November. We rode the southern part of the rapid transit corridor, from Jubilee to Osborne. From there we hit the trails on Churchill Drive. They were a bit soft and not so fender-friendly, as JP found out. But they were still fun to ride, as always. Good times.

We made some new friends. First these guys:

Later we ran into a bunch of rowdy firecracker tossing kids on bikes at the Omand's Creek train bridge. It was almost a bit intimidating. Until we realized they were accompanied by a not-so-intimidating chaperone in the person of Tim W and his rainbow coloured eyebrow. In the end, it was all very responsible. There is no need for parents to worry. The kids are alright.

The President was in attendance at the klubhaus for the first time in a long while, which meant the conversation took a decidedly serious tone. The Accomodations Director was there too. They came with a single agenda item, namely to settle the matter of Spring Ride accomodations. The question: lodge or camping? The conversation was a bit tepid, so a secret ballot vote was called. It was close. Too close for comfort: 6-5 in favour of the lodge. In characteristic FGBC fashion, it is not clear whether or not we reached a decision. Something will work out, and the Spring Ride will be as awesome as ever. We did agree, however, that movies would be banned from the Spring Ride. Those who need to watch movies to have a good time can do so at the annual Sloth Cross 24 Hour Race and Film Festival. Lisa seemed quite intrigued by this whole affair. She was pretty confident she could pick out who voted for the lodge and who preferred camping. She had a perfect record: wrong in every single case. Somehow we were comforted by the fact that she doesn't know us as well as she thinks she does.

Tunes? Different but good: The Clash, Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, and more. No Steve Miller.


penner said...

presidential decesions are hard to make, unless of course the issue at hand is changing the location of the spring ride. The beer is going to Ingolf, which at this point means the lodge, unless it be determined that another plebiscite is needed which is unlikely because the "movies" issue has been settled.

democracy is good... usually

Kim said...

Hey "Dark Lord" was there a vote for the name change too?

The Dark Lord said...

Not exactly, Kim. It's more like when Brad the Impaler speaks, it would be unwise not to listen.

Kim said...

You guys are awesome... and since Brad the Impaler has the best nickname of all... I would agree.

The Dark Lord said...

If Dark Lord feels too heavy, just go with Chuckles

Kim said...

Well I lasted through the titles and none of us were wearing pants on Sunday. And didn't JP just have a close encounter with a bunny? Fitting.