Monday, November 08, 2010

Provincials Report

"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you." That's what the Stranger said about the Dude. And that pretty much sums up how it went for the Dark Lord yesterday. Last week I overindulged on some bear. Maybe even cleaned out the whole smorgasbord. It was good. I'd been revisiting the taste in burps all week. This week it was the bear's turn to eat. A couple of crashes and a flat tire on lap 3 made it clear he was hungry. Very hungry. That was not good news for the Dark Side.

I missed the second race. But I hear JP ate some bear. That's what the sweetest jersey in the world can do for you. Cousin Thomas was also decked out in darkness for the first time. Apparently it doesn't mix well with the ABES karma he's been flirting with since moving down south. We tried to warn him.

Who got medals?


LeAnn said...

It was a race of many mishaps. Most of the women went down at some point. I was lucky enough to have a minor disagreement with the ditch which only resulted in a bent handlebar. Others needed a much longer recovery time. I was therefore able to create a gap and ended up second overall and first in my age category. I hope all are recovering well today.

Kim said...

Congratulations LeAnn. I could see you but I couldn't catch you. I was one of the lucky ones in the mishap department as well. Hope someone grabbed your medal for you.

tenacious v said...

The gold medal was delivered the night of the victory

LeAnn said...

Charlene would have won her age category as well. I had to leave right away so I didn't hear about the male side of things.