Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TNR Report

We rode. And so to apply the formula from this week's poster, we can now happily infer that our legs are just a little bit more sexy. It's called modus ponens.

All the talk of sexiness led some to conjure up memories of the bike fairy. She has been good to us. We will continue to follow her lead. Others found their imaginations drawn more toward nude photos of Mario Cipollini. Sexiness is a multifaceted and richly textured thing.

We rode around in Assiniboine Park. The fence that has been sealing off the new duck pond and playground construction project was down, so we let ourselves in. Good times. A perfect venue for Nordic Cross, or perhaps one of our snow crits. The toboggan hill proved much safer to ride than the one in Central Park.

Back at the klubhaus, we thoroughly analyzed the potential of a range of new ideas and projects. All of them were enthusiastically endorsed. The horse barn race will happen. Probably some time in January. And Nordic Cross will begin sometime in early December. With Gluttons Cross, of course.

The Hipster showed off a very fancy camera. The Secretary and Tenacious V talked click tracks and music. Some 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge planning ensued. Needless to say, the Spring Ride received its fair share of attention. We did not take another vote on accomodations. But we did take some time, for the third week in a row, to ponder the awesomeness of the chip buffet. We will need to find a mountain bike for the Hipster. The relatively medium aesthetic quality of our blog was noted. And affirmed as something that should not be screwed around with. And the president dropped by to introduce us to his new truck.

A very good night on the tunes front: the Clash, Cheap Trick, Allmans, and more.


KK said...

Ah, the bike fairy! There she is! Just as I remembered her.

Brad, you can have your Cipo. I'm more of a bike fairy kind of guy. You're still awesome, though.

Brad the Impaler said...

The bike fairy is dreamy.

I wasn't the one who went into way too much detail about naked photos of Cipo. It was someone with a new name and profile picture and who thinks Brad Pitt is a hottie. By I won't name names.

The Dark Lord said...

The Dark Lord may have his secrets. But he can't help but wear his crushes on his sleeve. And there are apparently more than a few. He's has a soft spot for a certain coke snorting Belgian bad boy too. Perhaps that's why he prefers the cape--bigger sleeve surface.

KK said...

In the context of things awkward, check this out. Why is Gilberto holding his finger? I guess we'll never know, though guesses can be made.

OK...back to the bike fairy.

The Dark Lord said...

Why do you say "awkward?"

KK said...

It just is. Going from the awesome bike fairy to naked Cipo to the hunky Pitt and his deliciously cut washboard abs in Fight Club...ahem. Awkward.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Now to look at my bike fairy wallpaper again.

Brad the Impaler said...

I will admit to bringing up this photo of the Hermmannnator.

And who can forget this gem:

Tom K said...

Great night of riding and hang'n!

Awkward? Nah ... eccen-trick - Yes! Good fun!

Gianni said...

Anyone got spare change?

PaddyH said...


I call dibs on it the day "U.S takes sides with their N Korean Allies" according to sarah "the ditz" palin...

see ya in a couple weeks unless shit gets real.