Monday, November 08, 2010

A little gravel never hurt no one

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The Dark Lord said...

That is awesome Jonny N. Nice find. Too bad it's on Spring Ride weekend.

Even better than the video is the grammar of that sentence. One might conclude that you mean "a little gravel never hurt anyone." But you're just goading us into thinking that, right? Sucking us in with a false sense of security. To say that a little gravel never hurt no one is equivalent to saying it's not the case that no one was hurt by gravel. Which is to say that at least one person was hurt. So what you're really saying is that someone's gonna get hurt. That sounds about right. Just as T-shirt chamois Luke about the Eagle Head ride. Or young Ben. The Impaler's gravel road race ended up hurting several, including KK who laid a beating on himself.

We look forward to putting this theory to the test again on Thursday. Who is in?