Monday, November 22, 2010

CX Pool Weekend Roundup

There were two races this weekend. Both of them were in Belgium, where the torrential rains finally stopped. It didn't take long, apparently, for the mud to dry into a concrete-like surface. There was no running in ankle deep slop for half a lap this weekend. Instead they were flying around the course on Saturday in Hasselt, where Kevin Pauwels took the surprise win. And he almost did it again on Sunday in Gavere. But Nys managed to hold him off in the sprint to the line. Stybar hasn't won a race in a while now, and Albert still seems to be waiting for his form to show up.

In the CX Pool, Olli won in Hasselt. He finished ahead of Ryan and Tomek. I won in Gavere to maintain my recent pattern of winning every other race. Jonny G and Gary rounded out the podium. There was no change in the top three spots overall. But Gary's lead is down to just 65 points. Ryan has moved ahead of Jonah into fourth overall. Meanwhile, down at the bottom end of the standings, Ian and Hal continue their game of hot potato with the lanterne rouge. Ian took it over from Hal last weekend. But he managed to toss it back into Hal's hands this weekend.

Full results and overall standings here.

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