Sunday, November 21, 2010

Someone remind me...

Why are handups not allowed in cross?

In related news, I almost won the Minnesota State Cyclocross Championship!


Gianni said...

Nice work in MN, Adam.

Hand ups are ON for next weekend at the Belgian Supercross (have to wait and see what gets handed up...). You may need a hand up after you battle the traffic circle, the dual slalom and the quadrangle of doom.

We're running one adult race, handicap style (C, B, A start order) on a course that will make for easy passing/no traffic jams. Any bike goes, but CX bikes get an added handicap.

No prizes, it's all for fun, and any proceeds will go to Winnipeg Harvest (we'll be collected non-perishable food donations too).

Bonus good karma for anyone who comes out on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning to shovel & mark the course. Planned start on Saturday is 8:30.

Gianni said...

That is, planned start for course prep is 8:30.

Registration is noon, kids at 1 p.m., adults at 1:45.

The Dark Lord said...

Sounds, uh, interesting.

I bet your request for help would be more successful if you would do your solicitation in person on Tuesday night. And if you promised something a little more thirst-quenching than karma.

WV: pidals

Brad the Impaler said...