Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Springstein Rundfahrt: Start List and Details

Confirmed so far:

The Impaler
The Cricket
The Dark Lord
G (sick)
Cousin Adam

Others are welcome. A response would be appreciated.

Meet at the Sanctuary of Darkness, aka the TNR HQ, aka my place. We will depart at high noon and conclude with a dogfest. I will supply dogs, buns, and fixin's. You bring the drinks and chips.

Questions? Drop a comment or send an email.


Adam said...

It would be nice to see some more RRR kids out. Brad will need company.

Brad the Impaler said...


KK was talking about setting up a hot chocolate feed in Beaudry Park. That has to count for something.

Ryan A said...

would definitely a rundfahrt participant if we had not, of late, settled on Nov 11 as the drop dead, earliest, christmas tree set up date for the amadeos (sig pressure from the other 4 people in my house to go earlier).....look forward to the next and am thankful for previous opportunities to bring up the rear in RRR FCBC events!

mike said...

I am in- rockin' the rrr.

The Dark Lord said...

Bad timing Ryan. There will be more opportunities. Gluttons Cross is just around the corner.

KK said...

Call me on the cell when you depart. I'll need names and numbers so I may prepare ample portions of sweet nectar to ready you for the challenges you will surely endure.

KK said...

And I'll probably have something else apropo along to line your suitcases of courage.

Brad the Impaler said...

Mmmmm, sweet nectar.


Wasn't he a gladiator?