Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sock Final and sizes

Cycle Chick worked her usual magic, Sock Guy accommodated as best as he could and there it is: the official FGBC wool sock.

I'm going to use this post to try and get final numbers and sizes from everyone - a tall order I know, but we've done it successfully before.

Sock Guy does two sizes S/M (9 mens and below) & L/XL (9.5 and up), so that shouldn't be too hard. Final price is $10 a pair.


Dark Lord - 10 (5 S/M + 5 L/XL)
Halfrican - 3 L/XL
Hipster - 2
Dallas - 5 S/M
JP - 10 (7 L/XL + 3 S/M)
Adam - 10 15 (10 L/XL + 5 S/M)
Brad - 5 L/XL
Commander Tom - 2 L/XL
Co2Cycle - 2 L/XL (+ A Bull City Whip-around)
Tenacious V - 5 L/XL
Lyle - 1 2 L/XL
Cricket - 3
Greg S - 3 L/XL
Luke - 2
Cycle Chick - 3 S/M (Side of Sauce)
Colin - 2 L/XL
KK - 2
Thomas - 2 3 L/XL
Ryan - 5 L/XL
Johnny G - 5 L/XL
Secretary - 10 11 L/XL
Paddy - 10 (3 S/M + 7 L/XL)
Tony - 5 L/XL
Kim - 2 S/M
Tinker Tom - 2 L/XL
Juan E - 4 L/XL
Halberto - 2 L/XL
Mike - 2 L/XL
J.S. - 2 L/XL

Last time I added all that up it came to 113 now 128 pairs. We're ordering a bunch more than that.


Anonymous said...

I'm fine with 3 pairs.

The Dark Lord said...

Matt, can you list Pete (the Halfrican) and his three pairs of socks on his own line?

For my 10 pairs, I will take 5 pairs of each size.

halloewen said...

2 L/XL for halberto please

Adam said...

Make my 10 L/XL, and add 5 S/M (15 total).
Thanks for organizing this, Matt.

Kim said...

cool... who's collecting money? and when?

JP said...

One final thing- could I get 7 pairs in L/XL and 3 pairs S/Medium as opposed to 10 pairs L/XL? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mine are in L/XL. I wear big socks, it's no big deal.

mike said...

Can I still get in on a couple pairs. Might feel good to be able to step all over the FGBC.
2 pairs in L/XL

mhandsco said...

Kim - I'll be collecting money once the socks arrive. Probably 4-6 weeks. It's a good excuse to come out to the klubhaus on a Tuesday night.

Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

2 l/xl for JS please and thank you.

The Big Frame said...

i would like two l/xl pairs please

Brad the Impaler said...

Has anyone ever tried these on? I'm wondering if the L/XL will even fit my size 13's.

mhandsco said...

I'm 11 and I fit the regular L/XL just fine. I'm guessing that the wool will even have a bit more stretch to it.

mhandsco said...

Come and get your bike racks!

Brad the Impaler said...

I am in your neighbourhood once in a while. If I had some contact info we could connect.

Peter said...

Make the Halfrican's three pairs L/XL

CycleChick said...

Coolio. Mine can be the S/M size. With awesome sauce on the side please. Too much awesome at one time gives me the shakes.

Greg S said...

L/xl for my 3 pairs please.

Anonymous said...

My order is right on the money.
When did you want the cash anyway whoever is in charge?

Dallas " Mmmmmmmmm, wool." Sigurdur

mhandsco said...

4-6 weeks Dallas.

Ryan A said...

5 pairs L/XL please.

Colin Antaya said...

L/XL please

Anonymous said...

5 pair of L/XL for me please. Vic P.

the secretary said...

Matt, please bump my 10 to 11. All L/XL please.

co2cycle said...

the co2 is in for two L/XL. i'll try and shake down some other Bull City guys to get in on the order. let me know where to send the a check. are these ten Canadian dollars? that's even better!