Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TNR Report

The Birthday Boy showed up in his best outfit. Double Rainbow.

The Other Birthday Boy got to call the ride. He said "parkade."

Then he said he was hungry.

Back at the klubhaus, we were joined by Birch Bill, who shared his ideas for a new and improved course he is considering for the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge. We talked about the Butter Belt and what the Impaler will need to do in order to win it. We thought showing up in a van with images of his scantily clad self painted on the side would go a long way toward helping his chances. But it became clear that the most important thing he should focus on is finishing the race itself. This crucial task has eluded our friend on his previous couple of attempts. We talked about Where's the Beach? and how excited we are that OperaciĆ³n MUERTO is finally about to be launched. With We Love Arvid about to depart on his cross-country trip, we reminisced a bit about the Big Idea and how awesome it was last summer. Especially when Dr. John showed up. But we also gave some consideration to a new idea that promises to make the Big Idea look like it was but a fleeting ADHD moment. It is perhaps best summarized this way: 8 days, 8 hours and 14 minutes. We also talked about fast cars and, in some cases, even driving them. The tunes were dialed out. It was '90s night. I only recall recognizing Beck. I spent the bulk of the '90s in a library.

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Anonymous said...

Those socks are bitchin.

Happy birthday (boys?) Sounds like a good ride, because no ride including poutine is a bad ride. See y'all next week.