Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

The TTT is just under two weeks away. Have you got your team assembled yet? It is definitely not too early to be thinking about that. And in case anyone is wondering, no this race will NOT be cancelled.

Also not cancelled (after all) is this weekend's mtb race at Falcon Lake. Big thanks to Dylan and Paul for stepping up and making sure it happened. Or were thay just looking for an excuse to crash the Spring Ride? Either way, it looks like they have come up with something good. And it was nice to have them join us under the tarp. See the official race website for more info. Every race needs an official website.

With all this talk of cancellations swirling about, the Dark Side would like to make a simple request. If you sign up to organize a race, please think long and hard before you decide to cancel it. Cancelled races are geese. Some might even call them bullshit. Without pointing fingers in any specific direction, our humble collective is of the opinion that the number of cancellations so far this season is simply unforgivable. Thank you for your consideration.

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Anonymous said...

Lyle and I would like to ride in this, are there two more people who'd like to join us?