Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TNR Report

Thanks to an errant U-Haul truck, Jonny G and I were very nearly finished off before we could attend to the unfinished business over at the Secretary's place. But utilizing our superior bike handling skills, we managed to swerve out of harms way. That is good. Because last night's gathering was a sweet one. The unfinished business was finished in a hurry. So much so that the Secretary had to go out and find some more. Which was itself adroitly finished in due time.

The President was there. It helped that he could walk over. The imposing two humped beast known as the Disraeli Bridge has proven to be a formidable mental barrier for our beloved leader as of late. It also helped that the Presidential Hammock was on hand to provide him with a fitting platform from which to serve up his customary nuggets of wisdom.

We finalized the plans for the Highlight of the MCA Road Season otherwise known as the FGBC/RRR TTT. The Assistant Commissaire alluded to a Suspicion Index that may be invoked before the start. But he refused to name any names or to identify any particular suspected transgressions. He can be stubborn that way. We are confident, however, that tonight's festivities will be awesome and go off without a hitch. Or a Hatch, depending on which of the Impaler's gendered sides shows up. There is, after all, a dogfest on the menu. Between the two clubs, we have managed to assemble five teams:

FGBC #1: Cousin Adam, The Cricket, Jonny G, The Dark Lord
FGBC #2: JP, The Hipster, The Giant. So far they are but a threesome. But if they manage to find a fourth, look out for these guys.
FGBC #3: The Fraggle, The Mennonite Lady, Dr. John, and possibly Birch Bill
The Junior Dark Side: Little M, The J-Train, Gentle Ben, Ox

RRR will counter with KK, Red River Mike, Little Deuce Coupe, and hopefully Dr. Ry-No-Mite.

We trust others have been similarly diligent in assembling their squads. The rumour mill is spinning madly with talk of an all Pugsley unit, a cx themed squad, the Cycle Chick and her boyfriends, a gaggle of kids from the provincial team, and hopefully some other teams we are not yet aware of. Feel free to submit your teams and rosters in the comments below. For the Dark Side, the pre-race banter is often the highlight of the race.

Once we got all of that sorted out, the Secretary proceeded to close out the evening by treating us to a spontaneous knot tying clinic.

Without the threat of closing time at the F&H looming over our heads, we weren't exactly sure when to leave. But since it was the night before a big race, we made sure to get home early for some appropriate rest. Safely into bed before 2am.


halloewen said...

Maybe it is still the jet lag and I did not decipher the blog post well enough, most likely it is one really needs to attend the ride part of things to be a part of the party but I showed up at FnH and had a beer by myself - sigh.

The bartender added my lone brew to the club's stats and said she would pad the totals a little to boot - just doing my part to contribute to next year's spring ride libations.

Kim said...

Sorry to miss the race... it was Happy Birthday to my 10 year old today. I was never sure how the evening would pan out so I could not commit to a team. How it panned out in reality is me drinking wine alone at home. It would have been a gooder race I am sure. I will look forward to the report(s).