Wednesday, June 08, 2011

TNR Report

There is unfinished business. And it will remain unfinished until next Tuesday, when the Secretary resumes his association with us. But we found a good way to cope with the unexpected delay. It is called Smokes. It met our expectations. Maybe it even exceeded them, thanks to tunes that easily surpassed the pathetic offering the F&H served up last night. And stickers.

We will be back there. We discussed a couple of ways to work their poutine into a race of some sort. But it will take a few more reconnaissance trips before we can finalize anything on that front. Look for something a little later on in the summer. This event will be tailored especially for the Summer of Brad.

For now, all of our limited attention is focused squarely on next week's TTT. Mike G showed up to join Cousin Adam in chairing a meeting to finalize the details of that one. It is the Dark Side's first foray into organizing a road race. RRR's too, for that matter. We will let Adam and Mike explain all the big ideas they have come up with. But it is safe to say that things are coming together nicely. There were even rumours of a post-race dogfest. Consult the official race website for more information. Adam promised there would be something up in the next day or two. Unlike his commitment to the Spring Ride, he is taking this assignment very seriously.

It looks like the Dark Side will field two or three teams. RRR is stretched for bodies at the moment. They claim their waistlines are a bit stretched too. Nevertheless, they are committed to coming up with a team. If you are reading this, we trust you are merely taking a break from the hard work of putting together your own team(s) as well. Let us know if you have any questions.

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