Wednesday, June 01, 2011

TNR Report

Straight to the klubhaus, where the bulk of the time was spent debriefing the Spring Ride, talking about the Jets, and catching up with the Bluffton chapter.

The mood was light and breezy. It seemed like we were heading for a perfect night. Until Brad the Impaler lost it when someone--I think it was the Cricket--misquoted a line from the Big Lebowski. Brad shot out of his chair, stood up and gesticulated wildly while mumbling something vaguely reminiscent of "across this line you DO NOT . . . ." After which he started screaming "Thor Smash!" and proceeded to smash all the glasses he could get his hands on. Or at least the empty ones. It was all a bit frightening.

It was also a good reminder of the wisdom of our plan to remain firmly on his good side. We love the Original Hipster.

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