Wednesday, August 09, 2006

alleycat results

excellent turn out for a mid summer event; 8 riders in total. final results are:

chris 59:40 + 10:00 minute penatly (1:06:40)
vic 1:16:00
juan 1:17:00
elizabeth and cheryl 1:26:00
jon g 1:19:00 + 10:00 minute penalty (1:29:00)
john n 1:38:00

the riders enjoyed the course, which included the following:


Start and Finish: 206 Home Street

1) Legislative Building - Thomas Douglas is the ??? Earl of Selkirk (don't look for his name first). Answer - 5th

2) The Zoo - who plays on August 19th? Answer - Todd Kerns

3) The Belgium Club - What is the Belgian Club's Belgian Vetran's Association number? Answer - 107

4) Velo Artisan Bread (293 Carpathia) - Go to the front door. Riders had to pick up a water-filled ballon and deliver it the finish without breaking the ballon. Sadly, no one's water broke.

5) Main / Norwood Bridge - What is the official opening date and who is the artist? Answer - 10//19/99 and Catherine Widgery (Jon and Chris forgot the artist)

6) Garbage Hill - how many fence posts surround the tree at the top of the road? Answer - 18

7) Augustine Presbytrian Church (the village) - what date was it completed? Answer - 1903

8) The West End Cultural Centre - Danny Micheal plays on what date? Answer - Sept. 14

9) The Walker (should not be called the Burton until he is dead) - what four acts will be playing there? Answer - Yellowcard, Geroger Canyon, Weakerthans, WSO

10) Red River CC Downtown (south atrium entrance) - fill in the blanks: __ __ __ NXA, __ __ __ NUS, __ __ __ HAA (look for white numbers and letters). Answer - 208, 427, 398.


1st - Bottle of wine to Chris (thanks for sharing)
Last - 1/2 loaf of banana bread to John N
Draw - other 1/2 of banana bread to Vic

All riders received a shot of fine homemade Slovenijian grappa upon completion of their ride.

Post ride activies included a ride to VJ's for dogs, burgers and fries and visit to the skate park - excellent.

Look for more events in the near future.


The Dark Lord said...

Lots of fun. Thanks again for organizing this. What about those pictures you took?

g said...

Good times even at the back of the pack. I don't know where I am most of the time. This race has ensured that I shall not become a delivery boy of any kind.
Good job Hal for organizing.