Thursday, August 03, 2006

re: brake no brakes

great response/observation from "a flower called nowhere" (one of my favourite blogs). if you did not read all of the post from dr. h's posting on the brakes thing - do, because it makes a whole bunch of sense.

the post made me think a bit about this whole fixie thing. sometimes i catch myself thinking "bike snob" thoughts ('nice canadian tire 80lb bike you're riding') and being a bit of bike messenger wannabe/poseur ('look at me - i ride a fixie'). try and catch myself when this happens and remind myself: one, if you ride a bike your cool - no matter if it is $150 cdn tire special or a $2500 race bike that someone put a mirror and rack on for commuting; and two, i am librarian, not a bike messenger. having said all that - fixies are fun and a challenge, but they are still only bikes; ride what you want to ride, as long as you ride.

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g said...

Correct...singie speeds are cool and all, but you can't fault a guy for crusin' on a sinyie speed either.