Thursday, August 31, 2006


Forget Copenhagen. Let's move to Qatar. Cycling paths kept nice and cool with cold water misting. Check it out. We might want to modify things to suit our particular needs. Winnipeg does not get quite as hot as Doha, so cool mist is arguably unnecessary. But heated bike paths would be a nice touch for winter.

I have successfully probed the Ass. Forest. It looks better than I had feared it might. There's actually a decent amount of singletrack in there. What is lacking in hills is more than made up for in kidney-jarring rows of logs. Between logs and the holes left behind by the horses, there will be some bumpy sections to keep things interesting.

Also, it looks like the CMU Bike Co-op is officially a go. We've got a place to hang out and some cash to hire a student. Now I need to go order some tools.

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