Sunday, August 27, 2006

Monday night rides

This might just be one of the best times of the year. Ultimate is done for another eight months (for most of us). The Living Legends, as has come to be expected, closed out the season with a win. And Hummelt hockey is still 5 or 6 weeks away (for some of us). That means that for the next little while there's an extra day each week for bike riding. This won't happen again until April. Seems like we should stick with Mondays for now, since Jonny G still practices on Tuesday. We'll try to throw in a couple of races yet--another alleycat, perhaps an inner-city xc race--but we'll start with something a little more relaxed.

So if you want to ride, meet at my place at 8pm. Not sure where we'll go, exept that we'll eventually end up at the F&H.

FGBC friends Paddy and Tomek (the pusher) and others showed em how it's done in Saskatchewan this weekend. See full report here. Nice work fellas. Then again, it can't be too surprising that some folks from MB beat out a bunch of SK hillbillies. It can't be too easy riding a bike with a banjo. Bring on the Riders. Go Bombers!

The jerseys sure look sweet. Can't wait to see how much faster they make me ride. I think I'm going to go crack a dark to celebrate the completion of the proof process.

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