Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Monday night ride report

Sweet ride tonight. Johnny N, Jonny G, Unger, Juan Eppstein, and myself put in a very casual 40 km this evening in and around our fine city. For some reason we ended up in NK. Don't know why that happened. We even rode down Irving Dr. Perhaps we were unconsciously sensing the absence of the President and the Secretary. Also hit up the Belgian Club in honor of Hal, and payed our respects by visiting the more tortured rendition of Louis Riel behind CUSB. Met up with some fellow cycling enthusiasts at the F&H on what was otherwise one of the deadest nights ever at the clubhouse. Some dude at the urinal assured me that I was doing a good thing by riding my bike. That's always nice to hear. The dark was just right. This allowed us to move on to more pressing issues like assessing the relative merits of the tube tv vs. HDTV vs. computer projection units. Not sure we reached a consensus on the matter other than to agree that it is likely best not to drop your old tv.

Not sure whether a Labour Day edition of the MNR will take place next week or not. Stay tuned.

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