Tuesday, August 29, 2006

jersey fitting party

the sizing kit has arrived. a full complement of club cut jerseys from size s to xxl. maybe your size is in there somewhere.

meet at dr.h's at 9:00pm on Monday. then we might ride a bit and end out at the clubhouse. thought it might be better to be modest on the sizing effort. ie. baring our buffed uppers for sizing might be better left to a private residence. some sorry people need to start working again on the next day so it likely won't be late...

what's known re pricing is that there will be a price for fgbc regulars to purchase one jersey which will reflect some of our hard work on sponsorship, but friends of fgbc and regulars who want more than one jersey will be welcome to add to our order as well, at a price somewhat related to cost.

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halloewen said...

will try and be there. may have to wait till fnh; monday evening is a cyclocross course scouting party. all are welcome to join us at 7:00 at the forks skating rink as we tour potential cyclocross courses.