Wednesday, August 16, 2006

feeding the habit

They say that when you're addicted, you should try to avoid seedy places that will tempt your resolve. But they don't tell you how hard that is. I'm so weak. Goddamn the pusher man, or so the song goes. On the other hand, thanks Tomek. Still a work in progress, but coming soon.


halloewen said...


(looks like you boys went late on monday - too late for me; planned and executed a ride to bur oak and back tuesday after work. 95km total. looking forward to the day when you can join me when you are hooked on xtc).

PaddyH said...

be warned, for that frame is cursed...slowly you'll start mis-pronouncing words like "public" and "bully"--they will become "poo-blic" and "boo-llee" warned, I say, BE WARNED!!!!!