Tuesday, August 08, 2006

you want a war?

Fucking French. Not that I want to make this a question of patriotism, since I have little use for that. But this is not just about Floyd anymore. It appears that war has been declared. L'Equipe, the infamously trashy rag with ties to the lab that is trying to bring down Floyd, had this to say in a recent editorial: "The parents of Floyd Landis today probably regret that the wheel was ever invented. Welcome to the 21st century, Mennonites!" To which I say: Screw you! If you're so in love with the 21st century, why are you still interested in bikes? That's more Amish than anything. Or at any rate more along the lines of the 19th century than the 21st. We here at the FGBC may not be cutting edge hipsters. But at least we're smart enough not to have to rely on inane retorts like that. So bring it on. We're ready. Just don't expect us to come at you in ways you might expect. If the 21st century is anything, it's predictable, scripted, and essentially boring. Not to mention stupid. Take a look around you. This is the 21st century. And the list of shitholes that soil our world is not limited to Buffalo, New Jersey, Hollywood, any North American suburb, Baghdad, Israel/Lebanon. As far as I understand, things haven't been so rosy in Paris recently either. So spare us the self-righteous bullshit.

Another rider down: Big Jonny of drunkcyclist fame was run over this past weekend. Be careful out there boys and girls.


El Presidente said...

Hubie! Settle down my friend!

I haven't seen you this pissed since the Tigers traded Cecil Fielder to the Yankees!

The Dark Lord said...

Just my way of saying to the French media: don't risk making a Mennonite angry. We might call ourselves "pacifists" but that's only to work against the tendency to get pushed over the edge. It's obvious that all that meek and mild nonsense that the mindless North American media can't get enough of (Witness, etc.) is just a cover. We all know what happened in Muenster.