Wednesday, August 16, 2006

l'il stevie

some of you may have known steve harjul from olympia cycle. steve has moved to north carolina to complete a masters in fine arts. i received an email from him yesterday; here are a few excerpts:

"My plans totally hit the fan once I landed in TO. My sister screwed up
the application for her VISA, which offset the whole schedule. Thats
the last time I make a plan. Everything is by the seat of my pants from
now on. Just like a Russian cosmonaut. The Russian space crafts are
purposefully designed ultra low tech so that the pilots can feel
everything that is happening to the space ship and in the case of an
emergency fix a problem. Its like mechanical disks vs hydraulics. My
life is a rocket ship from now on, no more overly complicated space

"Next thing you know, I packed up the car, and we were at the US border. Flew across it and booted it down to NC. After a couple days I found an apartment but it dosn't open up till sept1. Till then Im living under a bridge with this 3 toques
type guy."

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PaddyH said...

ya, that pic of his folks car made me laugh...good ole Hobo!