Tuesday, December 12, 2006

annals of science

Courtesy of slate.com:
Intensive bicycling may dull female genital sensation. Previous studies correlated cycling with dulled male genital sensation and erectile dysfunction. This study compared female runners to young women who "consistently rode an average of at least 10 miles per week." Findings: The "cyclists have a decrease in genital sensation. However, there were no negative effects on sexual function and quality of life." Authors' hypothesis: "While seated on a bicycle, the external genital nerve and artery are directly compressed," which "may lead to compromised blood flow and nerve injury." Why male but not female dysfunction? Scientific answer: "Female cyclists may benefit from anatomical differences that produce less compression." Sarcastic translation: You don't say. (Fine print: Compared to the runners, the cyclists were older, fatter, and "more diverse in their sexual orientation.") (For Human Nature's previous updates on female arousal, drugs, and electric shocks, click here, here, and here. For an update on impotence drugs, click here.)
Genital sensation aside, note that a "cyclist" is defined as someone who rides 10 miles per week. Elsewhere in the article this same group is referred to as "competitive women cyclists." It appears that these scientists ought to get out of the lab a bit more.

Agenda for tonight's meeting: let's surpass the $1000 mark in "the book." The magic number is 17, I believe.

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Anonymous said...

pro on ten miles a week. imagine ahow dull the world would be if that were the case.