Friday, December 08, 2006

karma police

Reggae-fied Radiohead, fixed-gear cruising, and Guy Maddin-esque cinematography. Intruiging, if nothing else. Courtesy of howtoavoidthebummerlife. Check out Spoke, or Swobo: The Film.

Can't say for sure that it'll work, but it wouldn't be altogether bad to go for a ride tomorrow night. Say 9:30/10:00-ish. Let me know if you're in.

OTT: The Cure, Hot Hot Hot!!!


Anonymous said...


I somehow navigated across the inter-web into your blogosphere. I'm a fellow 'pegger who would be up for a ride tomorrow if it's going down. If you want to go on a slush filled adventure with a relatively harmless stranger fire an e-mail off to


PaddyH said...

I'm in if Naom's Christmas party doesn't go too late...ah hell, whom I kidding...have a good the shoppe w/details regardless...