Saturday, December 16, 2006


Curry is for Hurry, the inaugural race of the 2006-07 nordic-cross season, is just over 48 hours away. Tapering has begun. Not from riding. That would imply that there was something to taper back from. Other than a 2 hour ride on Monday morning, it's been a slow week on the riding front. But food intake levels will be monitored, which will hopefully make it possible to survive a few laps of the buffet at my favourite Indian restaurant. The hardest part, I suspect, will be mustering up the energy required to leave the table.

The LA Times ran an interesting two-part series on the doping wars last weekend, outlining the flaws in the testing protocols and the USADA's mercenary like approach. Could be the reason why our honorary captain has been feeling a bit blue lately.

Hal mentioned this at the clubhouse on Tuesday--scandal at the Opera. Hard to believe. Those guys always seem to have their emotions so firmly in control. At any rate, it seems the understudy is being lavished with all kinds of attention. The former headliner, however, claims it was low-blood sugar, not a wounded ego, that led to his stomping off the stage. That's why you've always got to keep a can of Red Bull on hand.

Kinda wish I was in Providence this weekend. Looks like a good time. But not as good as Monday promises to be. Hope to see the FGBC well represented, maybe even a delegate or two from Altona.

OTT: The Hold Steady, Multitude of Casualties

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