Sunday, December 03, 2006


American Hardcore rocks hard. Go see it.

Saturdays are evidently karaoke night at the F & H. Don't even bother. Planning for the winter race series went down at Dave L's place instead.

Full nordic-cross details coming soon from the editor. But the kickoff is Dec. 17. Looks like an all-you-can-eat race, a smorgasbord of suffering. Other highlights: Food drive alleycat in early Jan; March Madness race, cage match, and Duke vs. Carolina in Altona on March 4; and much, much more.

Paddy also has something in the works. Better start getting ready now. This one's going to be big.

Ride tonight. My place, 9:30 pm. Winter's here. Bring it on.

OTT: Band of Horses, The Funeral

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g said...

Sounds like a nice night for a winter ride. -20ish with snow. How can it not be a good time.

I'm in.