Saturday, December 16, 2006


Every now and then one gets a chance to ......gain perspective.
Despite the fact that often I am not present at the club house nor come out for races and riding as often as I would like to, I do infact ride when I can, love it it and it gives me a focus.

Phone call 810 A.M, too late for work, but it was work. Nursing supervisor asking for me.
Brian we need someone to "step up to the plate." Clearly the 'B' team is on deck.
She is 32 years old, her heart has essentially stopped functioning in any normal capacity, she is on life support......., there is a heart in OTTAWA. We need someone to go. Will you go. It will be a short turnaround.

Plans are changed, kids dissappointed...
I am somewhat nervous, mostly terrified---this is not my usual thing--. the opportunity to F up is huge! I am one memeber of a team of transport personel... it is not good enough to finish the race this time. first place everyone is the onely thing that counts.

perspective at christmas time
(president penner)


The Dark Lord said...

Whoa. Good luck.

PaddyH said...


halloewen said...

they asked you for good reason. all the best