Monday, December 11, 2006

the editor has spoken

Nordic-cross is coming soon. One week from today, to be precise. Let's call it All-you-can-eat Cross. Looks like I'm in charge of this one. That's news to me. But we'll make sure something memorable takes place next Monday. See the latest memo from "the editor" below for all the details, if you can decipher the code. Note that some of these details may change. In particular, 24 Hours of Ass. needs to happen in February, when it's colder. Rest assured all changes will be posted here.

This one's for the Duke.


Anonymous said...

you are mr.dr, i am this is the word.

The Dark Lord said...

Okay. Good. Thanks for the clarification. Clearly I was unable to decipher the code. I lost my ring in the snow on Saturday trying to help Penner fix his bike. If you're and I'm mr.dr., then I guess we're destined to be a team for 24 Hours of Ass.