Saturday, December 23, 2006

top ten: the 2006 fleet

The first in a series of year-end top-ten list retrospectives.

It's been noted several times that 2006 was a banner year for bike acquisitions in the FGBC. It seems like every few weeks, somone was debuting a new set of wheels. The bike club that began as a post-hockey gathering is starting to look conspicuously like a bike club. It's all Unger's fault, really. He's the one who stepped up the the plate back in 2003 and bought a new bike for the inaugural spring ride. And he found himself a new bike on each of the next few spring rides. In fact, I believe 2006 was the first year he didn't get a new bike. So it was left to other members of the FGBC to pick up the slack.

10) Alberto's San Jose. Not actually purchased in 2006. He ordered it from One on One last year, while in Minneapolis for the state cx championships. But since it only showed up in 2006, we'll count it.

9) My XTC: This testifies to the persuasive powers of the poosher. I wasn't planning to get a new bike this year, but they say your friends often know your what you need more than you yourself do. This will be my race bike for 2007.

8) Jamsie D's Marin. Just in time for the spring ride. Welcome to the club, brother James.

7) Jonny S's Norco. 2006 marks the year that Jonny S expanded his impressive repetoire of cycling talents to include road riding. As for when he's going to swallow his stubborn pride and replace the Softride, the suspense continues.

6) LeAnn's Trek. Not technically an FGBC bike, since the long-standing issue of membership status for women remains unresolved. But LeAnn is a sister, and a more committed racer than James, so we'll claim it. Facing the end of her ultimate career, LeAnn has been forced to look for a new athletic outlet. So she picked up a used Trek 8000 and claims to be planning on racing it in 2007.

5) Laura's 9-2-5. Easily the coolest bike of the bunch, just as Laura is easily the coolest vocal coach in the world.

4) Vic's DeVinci. Another FGBC'er to hit the road. In fact, I believe I overheard Vic say several times that he preferred riding his Apex. If you see a blue blur streaking down Wellington Cr., chances are it's Vic.

3) Darryl's Instinct. The Univega has seen its last spring ride. One of old school rigid bike holdouts caves. Wheelie's are a bit more difficult for the wheelie king on full suspension, but he loves it nevertheless. Rumours of a 2007 race license have been detected.

2) Juan's NRS. The holdout among the holdouts. Long voted the most in need of a new bike, Juan Eppstein finally made the leap by picking up Dave L's NRS. This happened late in the year, so he only managed to get one ride in. But the preliminary report is positive. Can't wait to see what he can do next spring at Ingolf.

1) Penner's Fuel. This is the one that got it all started in 2006, demonstrating the leadership qualities that we have come to expect from our beloved President. He started racing and coaching the local Kids of Mud outfit too. And happily he hasn't trashed the bike yet. Word is he also picked up an old Colnago from his former road-racing brother. But I don't believe it has found its way onto the road yet.

Who will step up to the plate in 2007? Hal's talking about a new bike again, but that's as predictable as a Penner crash. Jonny N?

On deck: top ten races.

OTT: John Prine, It's a Big Goofy World

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