Tuesday, December 19, 2006

gustatory carnage

The first and hopefully only curry is for hurry race went down last night. To say it seemed like a good idea at the time would likely be a bit of an overstatement. But I was there at the meeting where the idea was first floated: eat as much as you can in an hour and a half, and then ride your bike as fast as you can for an hour. I believe I even voted in favor of the proposal. But in hindsight, that may have been a mistake. To say it was one of the dumbest things I've ever done would probably be an overstatement too, but only because I've done some extremely dumb things. At the very least, it was memorable.

Jonny G lined up at the start and ready to go.

Dave L. deserves some sort of special recognition. Storming out of the gates like he was all hopped up on Floyd juice, he downed two heaping plates before I finished my first. And he scared us all when he promptly got up to get a third--which would have gained him two more laps on the rest of us. But it seems like he peaked to early. The third plate could not be completed, and his race was pretty much doomed in the attempt. I bet there's probably something about that in the dharma somewhere.

I believe every one else finished at least two, cutting the race down from 10 laps to 8. Turns out Hal played a perfect Lance Armstrong-like bluff, making it look like he was about to die as he forced down the last few bites. But he promptly went out and schooled us all in the race. And by schooled I mean kicked out collective asses. Not even close. Paddy missed the meal, so was faced with the daunting prospect of a 12 lap race. I think it was lap 2 when he resorted to ambushes and snowball attacks. Not sure when the chain broke. Dr.mr. took 2nd place, and mr.dr. took 3rd to round out the podium.

mr.dr. approaching the stairs

What we were told would be 2km laps ended up being more like 3km. That combined with a gutload of rice, curry, and tandoori chicken made it feel like an awfully long race. I think the overall standings looked something like this, but then again I'm not entirely sure. Jonny B claims he was 2 laps down, but Jonny's G and N insist it was only 1.

Jonny G (-1 lap)
Jonny B (-1 laps)
Jonny N (-2 laps)
Dave L (-4 laps?)
Shona DNF?
Paddy DNF

With that, nordic-cross is officially on. Lots of winter racing on tap, and something for everyone too. If eating is not your thing, maybe it's charity-drives or haikus.

It all continues on Dec. 23 with Christmas cross, presented by Jonny B. Sadly I can't be there. But hopefully a few other FGBC'ers can make it. It would be a shame to have his emerging artistic talents go to naught. Blogger won't let me post his poster, so check it out at the Team Jonny website.

OTT: Andrew Vincent and the Pirates, Sleeping Bag


Neuf said...

The length of the course was definitely a test for the mind and body...imagining a maximum race length of 16 kms, which actually turned out to be 24 kms...yep, I was tired. I was definitely -2 on the race, 6 laps were fully completed...I thought Jonny B was -1. Pre-gathering ride tonight?

g said...

I am in for a ride.
where should we meet?

g said...

Jonny B was -1 for sure. I only passed him as he stopped for a drink.

Neuf said...

9:20 at the Ass. Park Footbridge? That keeps it the same as last week? Should we ride out to watch the hockey folks for a bit?

team jonny said...

I may very well only have been one lap down. the range of emotions brought on by so much food, so little training and a bike in mediocre condition was unbearable. I'll take -1.