Thursday, August 23, 2007

Belgian Triathlon

Sounds like fun. Too bad it's time for the Living Legends to win another ultimate championship.

OTT: The Mendoza Line, Aspect of an Old Maid


mhandsco said...

And? A good time?

Gianni said...

Yeah, it was pretty fun.

There were about 15 cyclists, almost half of which were newbies, which was nice.

The bowling and archery were fun/challenging... I bowled (and struggled to keep up) and others arched. The sportsmanship prize has to go to FGBCer Tim L. who participated (and had a good showing) in all three events - including pole archery... with his own, handmade bow. Colour me impressed.

Alberto may have some photos up soon (and some man vs. tree stories to tell).