Thursday, August 30, 2007


Matt has grabbed the bull by the horns and is running. Hard. Sounds like it's wool jerseys. A retro-styled special Nordic-Cross edition FGBC jersey, if I understand correctly. For those too lazy to read the comments, here it is from the bull rider himself:
Woolistic will be our jersey maker. $88 USD with embroidery FOB Atlanta. Minimum order is normally 40, but he'll go as low as 25 for us. These are probably the nicest jerseys in the industry (emphasis added).

I've specified a black jersey with white bands on the cuffs, collar and chest. Nordic Cross in scripted black embroidery on the chest band. F.G.B.C. in white caps over the rider's right breast. 1/4 zip.

The thought, as discussed a bit at the F&H is to get custom embroidered snowflake patches with the year and sew them on an arm or possibly one of the rear pockets.

40-45 day turn around.

He'll deliver samples for sizing if I provide him with a CC, but also states that their sizing chart is "dead on after 9 years of doing this".

Well whatdya know? Go Switzerland!
For the rest of the discussion, go here.

We've got 5 takers already. 20 more to go. Drop a comment and speak up. The sooner the better. You won't want to miss out on this. I scored me some wool for Christmas last year. I can't think of any superlative super enought to express my satisfaction with it.

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