Thursday, August 30, 2007


2002-2007. RIP, Black Beauty.

2007- Bring it on.

Cyclocross season is just around the corner. This year promises to be better than ever.

FGBC is putting on a race in Altona on Oct. 21. Mark your calendars. Now.

We're working out the final details for the 2007 FGBC cx Pool.

If you're not excited yet, go check out Scott W's retrospective of the 2006 season.

The local race calendar is as follows:

Sept. 23 Cyclocross 1 - Woodhaven Park
Sept. 29 Cyclocross 2 - Civic Park
Sept. 30 Cyclocross 3 - location TBA.
October 21 Cyclocross 4 - Altona.
October 28 Psycho Cross - Whittier Park
Nov.4 Cyclocross Provincial - Belgium Club
Nov. 18 Cyclocross 5 - Bourkevale Park

In addition, look for Menno-cross: The Sequel. Not to mention another groundswell of grassroots cross racing.

OTT: The Mendoza Line, Tell it to the Raven


El Presidente said...

If you need any help down this way just let us know. I'm sure with your connections to the upper echelons of Power here in Altona we can get whatever you need accomplished.

The Dark Lord said...

Thanks Swatty. We'll be in touch. Jonny S has been doing a lot of work so far. And the upper echelons seem pumped.

halloewen said...

nice wheels.

requesting vernika and farmer sausage post altona-cross. don't forget the schmonefat (sp?)

the secretary said...


El Presidente said...

Actually Hal, the pre-race meal will contain Veriniki and Varscht (farmer sausage). This will help make the race a little more interesting. Winners receive Kielke (with Schmauntfat) and Schinke Fleisch while the rest feast on Jhrapschpare and Crackles!

The Dark Lord said...

Swatty, my mouth is watering. You should apply to be the food writer for the Echo.

I ate a huge gravy smothered plate of biscuits and sausage last year before the race in Minneapolis. One of the best breakfasts I've had in a long time, but not exactly a wise choice for a pre-race meal. It's not exactly the same as vereniki, varscht and schmauntfat, but I have to think the combination of gustatory delight and digestive distress would be similar. I can only assume that if everyone else in the field had eaten similarly, I would have done better than 40th out of 80. At least that's what I've been telling myself.