Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This may be relevant for tonight's post-ride discussion:
To place an order with Champion System you only need to order 10 of any same-style main item (jerseys, jackets, vests, shorts, tights, knickers, skinsuits) to get started. After that, you can order any main item one-at-a-time. Confused? Here are some examples of acceptable orders:

10 short sleeve jerseys, 1 long sleeve jersey, 1 vest.
10 bib shorts, 1 skinsuit, 1 short sleeve jersey, 1 winter jacket.
10 wind jackets, 1 wind vest, 1 bib short, 1 bib knicker.
* Accessories (gloves, caps, warmers etc. have separate minimums. See below for details).

That's right, you can order items ONE AT A TIME as long as you are ordering at least 10 of any same-style item. Finally, your time trial teammate can order one long sleeve skinsuit and your teammate that trains all winter can order one pair of custom fleece bib tights.

Incredible, right? Compare our minimums to other companies. None of our competitors will allow you to order items one at a time!

Accessory minimums:

Gloves - 10 pieces
Shoe Covers - 10 pieces
Arm/Leg/Knee Warmers - 10 pieces per style.
Cycling Caps - 10 pieces if part of a jersey/short order. 25 pieces for cap-only orders.
Socks - 50 pairs
Reorder minimums:

If we have your artwork on file and you are not making any changes, the minimum for reorders is 10 total main pieces. Examples:

5 short sleeve jerseys, 5 shorts
9 bib shorts, 1 short sleeve jersey
1 short sleeve jersey, 1 wind vest, 1 wind jacket, 1 short sleeve skinsuit, 1 long sleeve skinsuit, 1 bib short, 1 bib knicker, 1 bib tight, 1 winter jacket, 1 winter vest.
There better be at least one person willing to order a skinsuit or this whole discussion is off the table, as far as I'm concerned.

Hope everyone can make it tonight. 9:30 at my place.

OTT: Sonic Youth, Computer Age


mhandsco said...

New guy with suggestions alert!

Something to chew on pre-gathering perhaps. How about no - gasp! - brewery alliance and a classic scripted Fort Gary with Bike Club below a la Jack Taylor bicycles in this link.

I'm all over the black with red, cream and -what is that third colour? - argyle.

Bib knickers! Woo hoo!

team jonny said...

I should be out for 9:30, if I can't make it though I will be at the F&H afterwards.

PaddyH said...

I'm in for 2 long sleeve skins suits or nuthin at all....ok one for sure anyway

the secretary said...

OK, thanks to Paddy, the conversation can continue... while wishing I could back up a skin suit... no, that's enough.

I am with dr.h in sticking with the name as we know it... not just because Jonny G I grew up in Fort Garry, and still like the beer (which will still be made in Fort Garry... if production moves out, I don't know), but, there's something fairly Winnipeg about the name... and I'm loath to change names every time the fickle beer market wind blows. done.