Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tuesday Night Ride report

Not bad for a Wednesday. For a while, I thought it would be just Matt, James, and myself. We were hanging out in the kitchen, absorbed in some significant conversation about something I can no longer remember. But all the while, the multitude was converging on the front lawn. I think it was a solid group of 11 that rode out to King's Park to meet the secretary, before heading back to the clubhouse.

The great affiliation and jersey discussion resolved, well, very little. Resolution, however, is highly overrated. So we don't really come out any worse for wear, near as I can tell. There was some discussion that took place. But any attempt at a summary is best left to the secretary. Sounds like an order of some sort will be placed before too long. So think about what you want, because the question is coming. One of these days.

A discussion was initiated about what it would take to make Dave's wares available on tap at the F&H. Looks like it might be worth a follow-up conversation with Lawrence at some point. A job for the president, no doubt.

Crowbar was spotted at the F&H toward the end of the evening. He left us alone last night. I can only assume that's because he had already lined up company for the night. And we were all set to sacrifice Luc and Jonny M. in order to keep him off our backs. Next time.

I don't have any photos, but Bert was busy taking a bunch. Hopefully he'll share a few.

OTT: Sunset Rubdown, Snake's Got a Leg III

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