Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday Night Tribulation

So much adversity, so little time. It's a wonder we made it home alive, really. First we almost got run over by a mini-van. Some chump figured he could beat us around a corner--when we were going straight. Next we had to endure the threats of a menacing band of 12-year old thugs. Then it was the ice-rink slippery skate park surface. And all that was before the disclosure of Matt's penchant for warm nuts. Yes, there was another jersey discussion. It will get resolved. Eventually.

Where's the poosher?

Stalking Gianni.

The ice rink.

Safe and sound at the clubhouse. Sort of.

OTT: The Veils, Jesus for the Jugular


mhandsco said...

I loves me some warm nuts!

Nordic X Jersey update:

Portland is out of LS wool jerseys until - "he hopes" - November.

MEC is, as Hal noted, is stocking a Merino jersey this year for $100 CAD (Made in Canada no less). We could organize local embroidery for this option pretty easily. BYOJ - as it were. Advantage here is that you could actually try on a size before it's customized and totally non-returnable.

A Yankee company called Earth, Wind and Rider has a super nice jersey, in stock for $120 USD. Again, we'd be on our own for decoration, but something could easily be arranged locally. Perhaps we could work out a volume discount.

Other wool jerseys are available - Kucharik seems to have a well priced, but boring version - but nothing that really grabs me. Swobo, Ibex - there are doubtless more.

I'm pretty much in love - not nuts love, but close - with a Swiss company called Woolistic, but, you know, it's in Switzerland. Neither cheap nor fast would be my best guess. Anyway - I've asked for a quote.

That is all.

Gianni said...

Re: the poosher -

Don't know if word has gotten around yet, but the poor guy got rear-ended (hard) on the way to the Belgian Triathlon wind-up (no serious injuries (but whiplash, yes), and yes there were witnesses).

See, that's what driving gets you. (A small irony here is that he was wearing his new Cars-R-Coffins shirt when this went down)

He was feeling pretty bad last I saw him on Saturday. If you see him, give him a hug... but watch the neck - WATCH THE NECK!

The Dark Lord said...

Whoa Matt. That's serious research. Nicely done. I heart librarians.

PaddyH said...
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PaddyH said...


Bumbi/Poosher/Tomek/Tomique/Bugdan/Voitec wasn't a noshow Tues eve his road to recovery(?) prescription called for pints...and yes a truc

halloewen said...

what's with luc? did he spill some beer on the table which he was desperate to recover?

The Dark Lord said...

He had some extremely tight muscles in his lower back that prevented him from straightening up. Notice his bike riding style in the previous picture. It's amazing that he came out at all. Dedicated and hard core guy, that Luc.

mhandsco said...

I almost lost my luch over that one, dr.

Woolistic will be our jersey maker. $88 USD with embroidery FOB Atlanta. Minimum order is normally 40, but he'll go as low as 25 for us. These are probably the nicest jerseys in the industry.

I've specified a black jersey with white bands on the cuffs, collar and chest. Nordic Cross in scripted black embroidery on the chest band. F.G.B.C. in white caps over the rider's right breast. 1/4 zip.

The thought, as discussed a bit at the F&H is to get custom embroidered snowflake patches with the year and sew them on an arm or possibly one of the rear pockets.

40-45 day turn around.

He'll deliver samples for sizing if I provide him with a CC, but also states that their sizing chart is "dead on after 9 years of doing this".

Well whatdya know? Go Switzerland!

PaddyH said...

Hooray for wool skinsuits!!! Hooray!!!

The Dark Lord said...

Holy Crap. A mover and a shaker in our midst. I'm in.

mhandsco said...

Ne skin suit pas, Paddy! Did Merckx wear a skinsuit? I think not, my friend, I think not.

OK - so, we've got two confirmed.

23 to go.

Can this be done? (Can it be done in a reasonable timeframe?)

I'll put up the CC if I can have assurances.

Sizing chart to come.

halloewen said...

can one have too many wool jerseys - i think not. sign me up for one as well.

22 to go.

Gianni said...

One for me, and one for the missus, if smaller and/or feminine sizes available.

And some of that shamefat. I don't know what it is, but it sounds to be perfect for me. Probably good for conditioning your chamois.

20 and counting.

mhandsco said...

Nice! 5 down.

Could someone with the e-mail addresses or phone numbers of possible interested parties do a little whip 'round and see if we can scare up a few more?

And could someone please do the same at Olympia?

Gianni - I should have a sizing chart tomorrow and smaller sizes won't be a problem.

Anonymous said...

tenacious v
Count me in, and I think everyone (who weighs over 200 lbs)is aware of my feelings towards anything that even closely resembles a skin suit...

PaddyH said...

...oh ya, The Constable is in too!

PaddyH said...

...1xMed and 1xSmall...word.

mhandsco said...

Nice one Paddy, 17 to go. Ha-cha!