Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Make it stop already

As if this whole can of worms hasn't been opened way too wide already, the poosher adds the following submission for consideration:
Meanwhile, down in Wisconsin the sweetest jersey in the world was spotted during 24 Hours of 9-Mile a few weeks back.

(photo stolen from Dave Simmons)

Which is as good a segue as any for me to offer my two cents on this matter, for whatever it might be worth. The FGBC is and always will be the FGBC, not the HPBC. When it says we are exactly what we are, one thing that means is that we're not the HPBC. That just has a terrible ring to it, as far as I'm concerned. I'm as excited as anybody for what Dave has brought to town, and I'm all for cultivating connections with him. But that doesn't constitute a change of identity so much as the opening of a new avenue for expressing one that's already well-established. The so-called takeover of the other FGBC by a BC company does not constitute a major identity-crisis for me, nor a minor one for that matter. It's just paperwork. The official FGBC jersey is the one in the picture directly above. It is, after all, the sweetest jersey in the world. No reason to mess with it. If people want to play around with other possibilities, that's fine. Obviously, I'm willing to participate. But I see this as an expansion of the FGBC signature clothing line, not a replacent of one clothing line by another. So long as 10 people are willing to pony up, we can do pretty much whatever we want. More tonight--if necessary. But more than anything, I want to go for a bike ride. Anywhere.

OTT: John Prine, Blue Umbrella

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PaddyH said...

keep the name, drink the beer, more hot jerseys here(and a nice side profile of Dallas' gut: