Saturday, August 11, 2007

more argyle

Okay, so these ones actually have HP colours. Cast yer ballot.

[Updated: for Matt]





Dave and co. are actually celebrating their first anniversary today. Congratulations guys! Can't wait to try out the new commemorative brew.

OTT: Dolorean, No Name


mhandsco said...

Maybe a number 1 with black in place of the solid red?

mhandsco said...

Oh hell ya! Nice work Dr!

Don't I owe you and Jonny beers? Are we getting on that?

halloewen said...

i like #1 and #2. will take one for me and one for dr. l. if we're counting.

that dave said...

#2. i love the f. put that on any of the other and i'll take any of them.

The Dark Lord said...

Yeah, it struck me that the f might serve as a kind of compromise gesture. Forte Garry Bike Club. Forte--as in the strong, double hopped IPA Dave has been working on.

Gianni said...

So as not to redundify (likely not a word, I know, but it's fun to say) your present kit, what about long sleeves instead of short?

Kind of like... Argyle goes Imax.

The Dark Lord said...

I think it's pretty flexible. Long sleeve, short sleeve. Full zip, 3/4 zip. Mix and match. The magic number is 10, as in minimum.

Gianni said...

Really? That's awesome.

I'm way, way in.