Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Course

Is awesome. It will be the longest course of the year. It came out to just about 3.5 km on the nose. It has some sections that should allow you to set your high speed record for the year. I hit 41.5 kmh on test run just now. But there are also some tight and twisty sections that will slow it right down. There is sand. And some mud. And there is more running than any other race so far this year. In other words, it has everything you could ask for. And the six pack is going to be a highlight. Not to mention the sweet tunes, farmer sausage, and the post-race Southern Cross IPA.

20 or so kids showed up to the clinic. There could very well be more kids than adults. But hopefully not. Surely the adults can match the kids in number. And maybe even in enthusiasm.

Good times ahead.


Anonymous said...

Damn that sounds like a good time. Maybe I'll stop being scared and bring the padawan out .

Have fun everyone if I don't make it, I'm jealous.

Dallas " today was the last running race of the year, how sad is that." Sigurdur

Coach Dave said...

I'm jealous too... have a great time!!!