Friday, October 09, 2009

One More From Gary

Meanwhile the Oly Crew is promising that in addition to the usual awesome course and post-race good times, there will be all manner of "extras" this year--a DJ, race announcer, trials, jewellery, and bread. No word yet on whether they have decided to go with the idea of transforming the always popular mud bog into a mud-wrestling venue. Tent, beer garden, and even hotel lobby ride-throughs are so yesterday. But a mud-wrestling match ride-through? How could you not love that?

And finally, Gianni passed along some info regarding a new initiative that sets out to save cyclocross from itself. They are billing it as "the hand down." It claims the same spirit as the hand-up, but is not technically illegal. Yet. It seems worthy of consideration. Perhaps a test run is in order.


halloewen said...

there may not be mud wrestling, but there will definitely wrestling with the mud

The Dark Lord said...

Then again, looking at the weather forecast it seems as if the whole thing might just be frozen.

Olli said...

Don't you f***in touch my beer!

But it will be an epic race...mud bog or not. Might be the last race for my shoes.