Monday, October 19, 2009

Southern Cross Photo Report

Altona has developed a reputation for putting on some big cyclocross races. Yesterday the ante was upped yet again. 132 racers and the biggest field of the year. By far. All hail Johnny S.

Simply put, it was awesome.

The Secretary filmed. Check back for the official 2009 Southern Cross film.

Dave and Vic were stationed at the six pack to judge for style points. Luc won it. Hands down.

11 first-time racers kicked things off in the C race.

The kids constituted the largest field of the day. I think there were 54 of them. Sadly, I have no photos.

The combined B/Citizen race was pretty big too. 51 riders took to the start.

And yet there is only one action photo. The official FGBC photographer spent most of the race responding to the minor fiasco that ensued when the Impaler inadvertently led a handful of racers on his own special alternative version of the course.

The A race field was pretty much the same as usual.

The six pack was a highlight. Or at least it was memorable. Funny how it seemed to get harder with each subsequent lap.

There was mud. Not Supercross mud. But just enough to make things messy.

Three times up the hill per lap. It felt a whole lot steeper than it looks here. Especially from the back side.

The Cricket was awesome, as usual.

So was Jonny G.

The sand pit saw a range of different approaches. Some rode.

Others ran.

Paul went with the one handed tightrope walk.

Luc simply dragged his bike through it.

And Jonny G seemed to float right over it.

Good times at the curling club, post-race. Next year Johnny says he will have more Southern Cross IPA on hand.


Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

Good times. Mucho thanks for the help setting up/taking down the course, the tunes, the video (?), the hat table, the metal bike thingamajig and trophy, mayor mcflipsalot, FGBC, ABES, the commissaires, and many others. It came together nicely. The weather was great, the atmosphere was festive, lots of riders, the B race misstep was corrected satisfactorily (?), and the giant beer for the A winners looked delicious. Next year we'll triple the order from Half-pints. Thanks to all you city slickers for making the trip to Crosstona. JS

KK said...

"And Jonny G seemed to float right over it."

I always thought Jonny was a little light in the loafers.


Congrats to ABES and FGBC on a good event. Sounds like it was one not to be missed. Sadly I missed it, though I was there in spirit.

Brad the Impaler said...

I give the sand pit trophy to Olli, and the barriers to Luc.

Brad the Impaler said...

And the navigation trophy goes to me. Oops.

Sorry for all the mess I caused.

wayne bishop said...

Just wondering if any one found or turned in a grey Vans windbreaker.

Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

I have your jacket. I'll bring it to Winnipeg and give it to g or Chris. JS

El Presidente said...

More photos have been sent Chris.

PaddyH said...

heyo, whatever happened with Elvis's event....?

KK said...

Good question, Paddy. I was wondering the same last night as I gorged on 'varenyky' for dinner.

The Dark Lord said...

He cancelled it. It seems nobody responded to Vladimiri. I wonder if it was all perhaps a bit too cryptic.

KK said...

Too cryptic? You think?

wayne bishop said...

thanks, not just for the jacket but for the sore body broken spirit and throwup taste in my mouth. great course u guys killed it.

Tom K said...

WOW, well done Altona & FGBC gang!

Sure wish I could have been there, but the pics, video & stories help for future motivation!