Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

1) One down, one to go. The FGBC is organizing two cyclocross races this year. The first, Menno Cross, was the best of the cx season so far. Johnny S promises that the second will be even better. I see no good reason to doubt him. It will be awesome.

Word is already getting out in Altona:

2) But before we get there, we have this:

3) And then this:

Life is good.

4) And then there is the matter of Perogie Cross. Many are apparently confused. And rightly so, with all the talk about Russian agents and such. But they say it is for real. And to prove it, they have provided this list of FAQs.
So, many of you have been asking a few questions about the 1st Annual Perogie World Cross. This quick FAQ should get down to the nitty-gritty of what the event is all about.

Is it actually a race?
Yes sir, but nothing you've seen so far. It is a 'franchised' race concept (from secret Russian-backed investors) that combines road-racing, cross, kieren and criterium racing.

How long is it?
It should take about an hour and a half. It includes a 500 metre neutral roll-out, followed by a 8 km gravel road stretch. Then comes the 'cross' course, that involves a massive run-up, barriers and stuff. This takes place in a park. Once laps are conluded, the race continues back along the gravel road. The race finishes with a series of 'sprint laps' that may involve a kieren-type event (depending if I can secure the ATV lead-out vehicle).

Is there a leaders' jersey?
Yes, we have just secured a major sponsor for the "winners jersey". This will be given out at the Tolstoi Beef 'n Perogie Supper, following the race.

Note - we have an overall winner, as well as two other categories. The winners keep the jerseys and are expected to wear them in next season's perogie world cross series. Kinda pro, huh?

What time does the race start?
We are hoping to start at 3ish, but we are still working out the details.

Where does it start?
Tolstoi, in front of Elsie's Hotel.

What exactly is the Slavic WInter Daschau Experience?
An opportunity to experience a true Slavic WInter Daschau for one evening. This is a 6-star accommodation (as rated by Michelin), and a new concept in adventure tourism.

The Experience will take place near Tolstoi, at a true Slavic Winter Daschau. Bring 'yer sleeping bags, because it will be authentic.


Adam said...

I'm still a little confused. A dacha is a cottage in the woods (cool), and Dachau - sometimes also spelled with the s - was a concentration/death camp (not cool).
But shto eta "daschau"?

PaddyH said...

We'll be at Supercross.

gotta hand it to the CCA to sked CX Nat's on T-giving wknd....brainsurgeons.