Saturday, October 31, 2009

Uncork the Champagne

This competition is over. Gary has it all sewn up. With 550 points today in Colorado, he's stretched his lead up over 800 points. Fortunately, it looks like we have a good battle shaping up for the rest of the podium spots. Dallas remains in second. But Vic and Jay have switched places again. Vic got shut out today. That is no way for anyone with podium aspirations to act. He deserves a reprimand. And Jay was eager to supply it. He did so by dropkicking Vic off the podium and reclaiming third spot. Vic didn't plunge too far down though. He sits in 4th. But look out for that guy behind you. He's just 25 points down now and itching to make a big move.

Sharing the podium with Gary today were three vicarious racers who found themselves tied with 400 points each. King Andy and Prince Dan were among them. So was Matt. Remember him?

Two more races tomorrow. Superprestige #2 at Hoogstraten in the morning. And then the Americans go at it again in Boulder.

Full results here.

1 comment:

Gary S said...

Wow! Pulling out the kiss of death already. And it's not even November.

Maybe if Tim Johnson hadn't pulled out of the first five races with that shoulder... Lots of guys/women are just starting to get going. Still way too much racing (and too many surprises) to go.

Can I trade some vicarious points for some real improvement on the course?