Sunday, November 01, 2009

There's still lots of racing left

That's what Gary says. He's playing it cool, taking a page out of the vicarious racers handbook and saying all the right things to the media. He doesn't want to jinx himself. And we're fine with that. But we know it's just the talk of a media savvy veteran and proven champion. He didn't win the Superprestige race in Hoogstraten. I did, with a 295 point showing. Andy and Jay both had 275 points to round out the podium. But Gary had another big win in Colorado. With 425 points on the day, it wasn't even close. Miriam was second with 350 points. And the final podium step was quite crowded. Andy, Ian, Matt, Dan, and Jonah all managed to squeeze themselves on there with 275 points each.

Gary's lead is now over 1200 points. To put that into perspective, that's the same point spread that separates 2nd place from 20th! Bottoms up with the champagne already.

Full results here.

Only one race next week. There's nothing on the North American schedule. And over in Europe, there's only one race. The third round of the world cup series takes place in Nommay, France.

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