Monday, November 30, 2009

Loose Threads

1) Wool Jerseys
If you've picked up your jersey and have been luxuriating in its woolly goodness, you know you're among the best dressed cyclists in town. They really are wonderful additions to the wardrobe, both on and off the bike, and more than one FGBC riders has deemed the newest jersey "nice enough for church".
If you missed out on the order and are now kicking yourself for your foolishness, please note that we have two extra jerseys. They are both extra large, one in short sleeve and one of the long sleeved variety. Speak up quickly if you want one.
Also, if you ordered a jersey but have yet to make payment: people are desperate for extra jerseys in something other than XL, so move quickly or your wool may be subject to "reallocation".

2) The MCA Participation Prizes
For the record: you didn't need to be there to win. I wasn't there, and I won.
$500 worth of Sugoi goodies from Olympia, thanks to the cyclocross participation series. I want to take this opportunity to thank Gary Sewell, the Manitoba Cycling Association, and most importantly, the sponsors of the Sugoi clothing prize... Red River Racing.

3) Extra Wheels, with rubber
Is anyone still running a bike (probably a daily commuter) with 27" wheels? If so, I have a surplus set of wheels if you can use them. Rear hub is a freewheel, currently re-dished for single speed (or fixed, Secretary style). Also included is both summer and winter tire sets. Buy me some beer and they're yours.


KK said...

Ha, ha.

Congrats on the prize.

Brad the Impaler said...

I'll give those wheels a good home if you still have them.

Brad the Impaler said...
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Anonymous said...

So, Darryl said he has an XL merino sweater for me... is that one of those? If not/if so, can I reserve that long-sleeved one?

Adam said...

Don't worry Thomas. We got you covered. These are the OTHER extras.
Brad: they're yours.

Anonymous said...

Any chance that could show up tonight? I got a downpayment of 80 beans ready tonight. Or 95 if you don't want me to have any pints.

Brad the Impaler said...

Sweet. Deluxe even.

Adam can you email me to arrange pick up and beer details?



gwaj said...

apparently I won the moose tickets

Adam said...

Thomas - It will be there. And never let it be said that I stood between a man and his pints. Or made a man choose between sheep's wool and beer.

wv: elipoppi (almost as weird as Brad's email address)

Adam said...

Josh - Yeah, I think they messed up the announcement as to who won what. But I already hit Olympia and spent it all, just in case.