Friday, November 06, 2009

hey from Kenya

Hey all,

Greetings from hot Kenya. Internet access has been/will be fairly non-existant... but got this one chance to check and ensure that all is on track in the FGBC-RRR challenge. Save me a dribble of dark.

I think there's only on bike manufacturer in the whole country, and I believe their goal is to maximize weight. I haven't taken one for a spin, nor have I been tempted.

Take care. Bring on Nordic Cross. It's plus 300 here.



g said...

sweet. hope you are having a good time out there. don't worry...the dark tide flows on.

Gianni said...

this is one of my favourite FGBC posts ever.

never mind how hot it is - do things sound good?

luke enns said...

hey d dog. i hope everythings going well out there. see ya soon.

PaddyH said...


from the vault: