Monday, November 16, 2009

Look Out Francis

It's muddy out there. If you're not careful you are going to . . .

. . . crash.

The conditions in Gavere were classic yesterday. Mourey may have had a hard time trying to ride the mud with nothing but road skillz in his quiver. But Nys made it look easy. He is such a stud.

Too bad a flat prevented him from winning. Niels Albert was happy to take advantage of that misfortune to grab another win.

Just as happy was Halberto, who won the vicarious version of the race with 555 points. Charlene had 445 points to take second. Gary and Jay tied for third with 440 points apiece.

Over in New Jersey, it was truly a Chris only affair this time around. But it was a different collection of Chris's on the podium. Still reeling from Saturday's beating at the hands (or rather feet) of Chris O, Chris D did not make the podium. Nor did Mike, for that matter. They tied again, but only for fifth place. They were replaced on the final podium step by Chris A. He had a 340 point day. That is better. Chris O was rewarded for the heroism he demonstrated the day before. He tallied 490 points and a picked up his second win of the season. That left Chris H to finish second. 445 points for him. Once again, KK and Cousin Adam were shut out. This time they were joined by Jonny G.

In the overall race, there is a new look at the top of the standings. Gary is still safely in front. His lead is just a hair under 1300 points. But Dallas has been bumped off the podium. He's now tied with Vic for fourth place. And Jay has been bumped down a spot too. All thanks to a good weekend by Chris H, who now sits in second overall. Chris O is making a rapid rise up the standings. Sitting in 17th before the weekend, he's up to 9th place now. Not a bad weekend.

Full results here.

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