Sunday, November 15, 2009

Donnybrook at the Mercer Cup

Three dudes named Chris found themselves on the podium yesterday at the 5th round of the USGP in New Jersey. It was good for a while. High fives all around. But at some point Chris O looked down to Chris D and said, "what's up with inviting Mike to join you on the last podium step? That is not cool. The invitation stated clearly that this was to be a Chris only affair." And then it started to get more than a little ugly. The RRR duo started doing that stupid dance they do and the Impaler was showering them with kisses blown from the crowd. KK and Little Larry, having dipped a little too far into the Duvel, were being their usual rude and obnoxious selves. And Michelle and Artur were talking rather boisterously about how awesome their first season of cx racing was and how they're going to dominate The Challenge next year. All these RRR shenanigans eventually got to be too much for Chris O to take. "That's not the way we do it down south," he grumbled. And then the BCC captain wound up his long legs and karated kicked them both from the stage. Chris H, however, was aloof to this entire situation. He was busy savouring his fourth win of the season and concentrating on getting the stuck cork out of the oversized champagne bottle.

Chris A was not on the podium. He got close, but still ended up 40 points on the other side of glory. Maybe if he wasn't so preoccupied with pimping his new ride or thinking about his trip to Maui he'd do a little better.

Somehow KK and Cousin Adam managed a grand total of zero points.

Superprestige is on right now. Watch it here. Round two in New Jersey takes place a little later in the day. Good times.

Full results here.


mike said...

Good race. Thanks for the link!

mike said...

Just noticed this- maybe I'm a bit slow, but does the header for the FGBC say "Fort Garry Dork Club" ?

wv: apity

Adam said...

Yup, ever since the Secretary's last revamp. Only six months or so ago.

co2cycle said...

woo hoo! here's to the return of Todd Wells and continued sweetness of Nash, Gould, Johnson, Albert, and Nys. I guess I should have checked to see that Davy Commeyne wasn't racing this season before adding him to my team. I just though his name was funny.

The Dark Lord said...

I'm lamenting the choice of Commeyne as well. Not to mention Hanka Kupfernagel, who has raced exactly once this season.

How was Sandhell? That is one of my all-time favourite cx courses.