Monday, November 30, 2009

FGBC CX Pool Roundup

It was a good weekend for Jonny B. On Saturday he had 660 points to finish third. But yesterday, with fewer points, the end result was even better. He found himself standing on the very top step of the podium. It was his second consecutive win in the Superprestige series. With contributions from Nys, Stybar, Franzoi, Page, and Vos, he finished with 450 points on the day. Olli was the runner-up. After a hot start, thanks largely to Christian Heule's American vacation, he hasn't found his way onto the podium since Oct. 18. He was even leading the overall race for a brief moment, on Oct. 10, but has been falling steadily down the standings ever since, and now finds himself sitting in 16th overall. Maybe this is the breakthrough he needs in order to turn his season around. Third place on the day was Jay. He picked up 400 points to solidify his grasp on second place.

No change in the overall standings.

Full results here.

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